45 min. photoshoot
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Tulip Photoshoot
Group size:
min. 1 max. 10

Tulip Fields Photoshoot

April & May 2020


Seila from Tulip Tours Holland is a professional photographer who will take the time and best angles to photo shoot you and your partner, kids or family. Up to 10 persons can participate in the photo shoot. We will take you to our beautiful tulip farm and provide a beautiful bunch of tulips to use during the photo shoot, that you can take home after. We provide fun items such as a retro bike, baskets, watering cans, hats, dutch clogs, etc. to use as props during the shoot. You receive digitally at least 15 different images that have been edited for you. 


Location Tulip Photoshoot: 
Burgemeester J. Zijpweg 12a
1606 MK Venhuizen


Transfer at 10.00 am from Hoogkarspel Train Station it is a 5 min. transfer to our Tulip Farm



Special offer

The Tulip Farm

This year we open our own tulip field with more than 50 different tulip varieties, we meet a real tulip grower who explains to us how they work with the tulips, how they used to work, you can enjoy lunch with the tulips or picking your own tulips, which you can enjoy for days.

Colorful tulip fields

Tulip Tours Holland takes you to real tulip fields in all colors! Red tulips, yellow tulips, pink tulips.  You can assure yourself of the most beautiful photos among the tulips.

Price & Options

  • 1 person photo shoot: € 150.00 – 15 photos will be sent to you
  • Family group photo shoot 1 to 4 people: € 175.00 - 20 photos will be sent to you
  • Group photo shoot 1 to 10 people: € 195 – 20 photos will be sent to you

Pick-up at 10.00 am from Hoogkarspel train station, a 5 min. transfer to our Tulip Farm

Or you come on your own to our tulip farm
Adress Tulip Photoshoot:
Burgemeester J. Zijpweg 12a
1606 MK Venhuizen

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1 person photoshoot in tulip fields, Family tulip photoshoot 1-4 persons, Group tulip photoshoot 1-10 persons

Transfer from Hoogkarspel Station

No thanks, 1 person, 2 persons, 3 persons, 4 persons, 5 persons, 6 persons, 7 persons, 8 persons, 9 persons, 10 persons

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