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Tulip of the month: Columbus!

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We would like to showcase a few special tulips to celebrate the opening of the tulip season. Today, it’s the turn of the Columbus Tulip.

This superb peony tulip is pink and has a decorative white edge. It is very well know and much loved in the Netherlands. The Columbus opens a little sooner than regular tulips, which means you can see it earlier in the year.

Tulip mix
The Columbus Tulip is a cross between the Snow Prince Tulip and the Leen van de Mark Tulip. The Snow Prince is a tulip with various colours, which range between white and dark purple. The Leen van de Mark Tulip is reddish-orange in colour. And if you mix the two, you get a stunning pink tulip: the Columbus Tulip.

The origins behind the tulip’s name are unknown, but probably have something to do with the famous explorer.

Unique appearance
The Columbus Tulip does not only look unique because of its pink colour, but it also has something special that sets it apart from other tulips. The Columbus Tulip actually has several buds in the flower, thus creating a larger tulip when it blooms.

Due to the various bulbs in the flower, this tulip becomes bigger than other tulips. So it’s a real eye-catcher!

What do you think of this tulip?

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