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Strong Gold tulip: a golden tulip that is winning awards

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The Strong Gold tulip is a golden yellow tulip that is oval in shape. This tulip is very special: so special that it has even won awards. This tulip does its name justice.

About the tulip
The Strong Gold is one of the strongest tulips in existence. It is a robust tulip and does not break easily as a result. This tulip also flowers for longer than other tulips. Its bright yellow colour makes it an eye-catching tulip.

The tulip won the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. That’s a bit of a mouthful when you read it! But what is this award? And why did the Strong Gold win this title?

Gardening in Great Britain
This award is presented annually by the British Royal Horticultural Society. The aim of presenting this award is to help gardeners to make the right choice for their own gardens. In fact, you can see it as a sort of quality mark.

It is no mean feat for a plant to win the award. It must be proved to be ‘garden-worthy’. This means it must flower well, be strong and not have any diseases.


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