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New in North Holland: visiting real tulip fields

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You have probably seen them already; images of thousands of tulips in the Keukenhof. They attract a million visitors each year from all over the world. But why would you go to Lisse when you can see the real tulip fields of Noord Holland? Tulip Tours Holland now offers you this opportunity.

April and May are the tulip months
The tulip fields of Noord Holland will be in full bloom between 14 April and 13 May. Dozens of different types, in various stunning colours. Tulip Tours Holland allows you to book tours that teach you all the ins & outs of the tulip production process. For example, do you know why tulips are ‘topped’?

Authentic tours at local farms
Noord Holland-based Tulip Tours Holland is an innovative new company that wants the broader public to discover the region’s stunning tulip fields. “We believe authenticity is important; that is why we want people to visit real tulip fields”, says owner and tulip enthusiast Mike Zwart. And Tulip Tours Holland also believes in working closely with local farmers and companies.

Online booking possible
You can register for a tulip tour via the website of Tulip Tours Holland. “We want to make things easy for visitors, which is why they can reserve 24/7 via our website”, adds Mike.

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