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The Strong Gold tulip is a golden yellow tulip that is oval in shape. This tulip is very special: so special that it has even won awards. This tulip does its name justice.

About the tulip
The Strong Gold is one of the strongest tulips in existence. It is a robust tulip and does not break easily as a result. This tulip also flowers for longer than other tulips. Its bright yellow colour makes it an eye-catching tulip.

The tulip won the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. That’s a bit of a mouthful when you read it! But what is this award? And why did the Strong Gold win this title?

Gardening in Great Britain
This award is presented annually by the British Royal Horticultural Society. The aim of presenting this award is to help gardeners to make the right choice for their own gardens. In fact, you can see it as a sort of quality mark.

It is no mean feat for a plant to win the award. It must be proved to be ‘garden-worthy’. This means it must flower well, be strong and not have any diseases.


Tulip fields are synonymous with the Netherlands! Every year, thousands of people come to the Netherlands to behold these colourful fields. Our Tulip Tours show Dutch tulip fields at their best and introduce you to places you have never seen before!

Visiting the tulip fields

The tulips bloom between April and mid-May. Although all tulips start growing at different times, their growth is greatly determined by the weather. For instance, tulips are slower to bloom in colder periods.

Ideal time of year to visit tulip fields

It is difficult to identify an ideal period to visit tulip fields. Because most tulips start blooming from mid-April, this is often the best period to go on a Tulip Tour!

The differences between tulips

As already stated, not all tulips bloom at the same time. However, tulips are more likely to bloom once temperatures rise above 15 degrees. This offers you a rough idea about the best time to visit our tulips fields!

As sweet as a milkshake! Perhaps you have already seen the Milkshake tulip. It is another special name for a special tulip; characterised by its pink colour and white edge.

Striking appearance
The stunning Milkshake tulip is long, but has a full body. The tulip catches the eye because of its egg-shaped flower, which sets it apart from most other tulips. Its size makes it less vulnerable than other types of tulips.

We are not alone in our appreciation for the Milkshake tulip: the tulip has even won awards over the past two years! In 2016, the Milkshake tulip received the ‘Interpolis Tulip Award’ for the most promising tulip. Why? Because it grows quickly in greenhouses and has a large flower that remains firmly closed.

Polder talent
A year later in 2017, the Milkshake tulip excelled again when it received the Poldertalent award! Exporters expect the Milkshake tulip to be very popular.

In short: The Milkshake tulip is unique and will appeal to more and more people!

We want to offer ‘something for everyone’ – that is why we organise a whole range of unique luxury tulip tours! All our tulip tours have one goal: to show the tulips fields of Noord-Holland and introduce you to the stories behind this Dutch icon. Will you be joining us?

Tulip tour including guide
Our guide will show you around the most colourful tulip fields you have ever seen and teach you the ins and outs of this stunning flower. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to examine the flower in closer detail and take some fantastic photographs. You will also visit a windmill museum and the historic village of ‘de Rijp’. You can choose to start the tour in Alkmaar or Amsterdam. Or would you prefer another starting point?

Our tulip tour in a luxe mini-van
Our tulip tours are not offered in a large coach, but rather a luxe mini-van with air conditioning!

Unique day out
Besides tulip fields, you will also visit things like windmills and traditional Dutch villages. The guide will tell you everything worth knowing. A unique day!

Prefer to travel in a private group?
Would you prefer to travel in a private group? Yes, it’s possible! All tours can be customised to suit your specific preferences. Please contact us for further information.

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