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Tulip Tours Holland – the Noord-Holland-based company that organises inspirational tulip tours – now also offers private tours. These tours will specifically appeal to smaller (private or professional) groups that want a different kind of day out.

Tulip Tours Holland has hereby responded to a trend that has been visible in the tourism and travel sector since 2017: greater demand for luxury and personalised travel and excursions. A private tour offers groups their own mini-bus and personal guide. The tour itinerary can be customised, which means the specific preferences of the group will always be met.

Also for the professional market
This is a great opportunity for families and friends to experience a fun, enjoyable and educational day out. But it is also a fantastic opportunity for companies to arrange a different kind of excursion for their personnel. A private tulip tour is also a unique way of giving (foreign) clients an insight into the nature and culture of Noord-Holland.

Online booking possible
You can register for a private tulip tour via the website of Tulip Tours Holland: ‘We really want to show that Noord-Holland is a stunning province, packed with colourful tulip fields as well as attractive and historic places, where culture lovers will feel at home’, says Mike Zwart, owner of Tulip Tours.

But there is more…
Tulip Tours Holland still has many other ideas for the future. What are they? Visit the Facebook page and check out the company’s stunning photos and inspirational tips.

Do you want a stunning garden with tulips when spring arrives? Then you have to plant them well in advance. But how and when should you plant tulip bulbs? It is actually very easy because all flower bulbs are planted in the same way.

Planting in practice
Firstly, it is important to know how the bulbs must be planted. Before planting the bulbs, you must first mix dense ground, like clay soil, with sand. You must then make the soil nice and loose, create a small hole and insert the tulip bulb with the tip facing upwards. The rule of thumb is that bulbs must be planted three times deeper than their height. Large bulbs should be planted approximately 20 cm deep and small bulb approximately 12.5 cm deep. Do you want to plant several bulbs? Make sure there is a distance of approximately 1 centimetre between the bulbs. The final step is to given them a little bit of water!

When should you plant tulip bulbs?
Now that you know how bulbs should be planted, it is also important to know when bulbs should be planted. In order to develop strong roots, tulip bulbs must be placed in the ground at least six weeks before it first freezes. So plant your bulbs in the autumn, somewhere between the end of September and the start of December.

Opt for a sunny location or somewhere without a lot of shadow. Exactly when the tulip blossoms will differ per species, but in general: the earlier you plant the bulbs, the sooner they start to blossom.

How do I care for my tulips?
It is useful to keep an eye out for dry periods, so you can give your tulips a bit of water from time to time. However, it is also important to take measures against severe freezing. In this case, you can, for example, cover the surface using leaves or straw. This will allow the tulips to continue growing without problems.


  • Plant your bulbs in groups (± 1 cm apart) for a nice colourful effect;
  • Keep a close eye on weather conditions and take appropriate measures;
  • Make sure you plant your bulbs in an appropriate location: a sunny or semi-covered place is ideal.

Enjoy having your own tulips!

We would like to showcase a few special tulips to celebrate the opening of the tulip season. Today, it’s the turn of the Columbus Tulip.

This superb peony tulip is pink and has a decorative white edge. It is very well know and much loved in the Netherlands. The Columbus opens a little sooner than regular tulips, which means you can see it earlier in the year.

Tulip mix
The Columbus Tulip is a cross between the Snow Prince Tulip and the Leen van de Mark Tulip. The Snow Prince is a tulip with various colours, which range between white and dark purple. The Leen van de Mark Tulip is reddish-orange in colour. And if you mix the two, you get a stunning pink tulip: the Columbus Tulip.

The origins behind the tulip’s name are unknown, but probably have something to do with the famous explorer.

Unique appearance
The Columbus Tulip does not only look unique because of its pink colour, but it also has something special that sets it apart from other tulips. The Columbus Tulip actually has several buds in the flower, thus creating a larger tulip when it blooms.

Due to the various bulbs in the flower, this tulip becomes bigger than other tulips. So it’s a real eye-catcher!

What do you think of this tulip?

What is a tulip? The most famous flower in the Netherlands is the tulip. The word tulip derives from the Latin word ‘Tulipa’ and means: the flower that resembles a turban. Tulips were cultivated in the Middle Ages and traded in Turkey. Men wore turbans during the cultivation process, hence the name ‘Tulip’.

Lilly family
The tulip is a plant from the Lilly family and is a monocotyledon. This means the tulip only has one cotyledon (or embryonic leaf) per seed. Bulbs are planted in October and bloom between the end of March and the end of May. So it’s no surprise that tulips symbolise spring time!

Turkish origin
So, contrary to what many people think, tulips do not originate from the Netherlands, but from Turkey. We’re talking about the year 1550, when Turkey was a powerful country. The garden of Turkish sultan Suleiman was actually full of tulips. At the time, they were flowers for society’s elite.

So how did the tulip end up in the Netherlands? This came about due to the Viennese ambassador to Turkey, who sent a few seeds to Austria. The first shipment of tulips arrived in Antwerp in 1562 and marked the start of tulip growing in Europe.

You have probably seen them already; images of thousands of tulips in the Keukenhof. They attract a million visitors each year from all over the world. But why would you go to Lisse when you can see the real tulip fields of Noord Holland? Tulip Tours Holland now offers you this opportunity.

April and May are the tulip months
The tulip fields of Noord Holland will be in full bloom between 14 April and 13 May. Dozens of different types, in various stunning colours. Tulip Tours Holland allows you to book tours that teach you all the ins & outs of the tulip production process. For example, do you know why tulips are ‘topped’?

Authentic tours at local farms
Noord Holland-based Tulip Tours Holland is an innovative new company that wants the broader public to discover the region’s stunning tulip fields. “We believe authenticity is important; that is why we want people to visit real tulip fields”, says owner and tulip enthusiast Mike Zwart. And Tulip Tours Holland also believes in working closely with local farmers and companies.

Online booking possible
You can register for a tulip tour via the website of Tulip Tours Holland. “We want to make things easy for visitors, which is why they can reserve 24/7 via our website”, adds Mike.

Franse wijnboertours

The tulip fields of Noord Holland will be in full bloom between 21 April and 13 May. Tulip Tours Holland allows you to book tours that teach you all the ins & outs of the tulip production process. The enjoyable and educational tours of Tulip Tours Holland are thus equivalent to the French vineyard tours.

The tours we offer are both enjoyable and educational” says Mike, the founder of Tulip Tours Holland. Instead of visiting vineyards, you get the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at tulip farms. This includes receiving an explanation about everything associated with tulip growing. And, of course, you also have the opportunity to take some amazingly colourful photos!

Online booking possible
You can register for a tulip tour via the website of Tulip Tours Holland: “We want to make things easy for visitors, which is why they can reserve 24/7 via our website”, adds Mike.

Tulip Tours continuously developing
We recommend keeping an eye of our Facebook page because Tulip Tours has many other ideas for the future. For example, how about visiting a tulip picking field, with picnic tables, food trucks and an Ice cream van? Great food, pleasure in the sun and a stunning bouquet of tulips to take home with you. Sounds great, right?

tulpen koppen

Tulips only bloom for a short period of time. In the spring, growers remove the top of the flower: this is referred to as tulip topping. But how is this done?

Why are tulips topped?
The flowers are not actually important to growers. All they are interested in are the bulbs. The thicker the tulip bulb, the more money it raises. That is why blooming tulips are topped.

The process
Growers plant bulbs in October and allow them to bloom in spring. They then pass through each row to inspect the tulips. This involves checking them all and removing incorrect tulip species and tulips suffering from diseases.

The eventual sale
Once they have been approved, the tulips are topped; this means cutting the flower from the stem. This is done because flowers actually consume a lot of food, and this food is needed to grow the bulb.

The more food a bulb receives, the bigger it gets. The larger bulbs are sold to garden centres and other growers. They then use them to cultivate tulips, which are sold as cut flowers; exactly like the ones in your home!

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