Month: March 2018

Dow Jones Tulpe

The Dow Jones tulip is red with a yellow edge, and grows in April and May. The tulip is popular in the Netherlands, so you will probably see it quite often. You can easily maintain it yourself and it grows very quickly. The Dow Jones varies in height between 40 and 50 centimetres.

Striking name
As you may know, many tulips have striking names; and the Dow Jones is one of them. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the oldest stock exchange in the United States.  But why has this tulip been named after a stock exchange? No one knows for sure.

A real tulip crisis
The name has probably got something to do with the tulip mania encountered between 1634 and 1937. In 1637, the tulip market collapsed and a real tulip crisis was encountered. There was great demand for tulips, but supply was hard to come by. Tulip bulbs were thus being sold for a lot of money; sometimes a small fortune.

Even though this tulip may be linked to a crisis hundreds of years ago, it is now in ample supply. So be sure to enjoy it in the spring!


The new tulip season is now almost upon us! The first tulips are now slowly appearing, but the recent cold weather means it has taken slightly longer for them to grow in the open fields.

More time to enjoy tulips
The tulip season normally starts in March, but this year’s season will start slightly later due to the cold weather. This means you have more time to enjoy the tulip tours offered by Tulip Tours Holland! From mid-April, the tulip fields of Noord-Holland will be in full bloom with various types of tulips, in various stunning colours.

The tulip tours
Tulip Tours Holland allows you to book tours that teach you all the ins & outs of the tulip production process. The guide will tell you everything you need to know about tulips during the tour. For example, did you know that tulips are the Netherlands’ main export product? And that tulips are also grown in New Zealand and Chile? You can now reserve our tours online!

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